Does Acupuncture hurt?

The technique of acupuncture elicits a variety of sensations, which have been described as a dull ache, a fish-hook pull, warmth, tingling, shooting sensations, heaviness, relaxation, and relief.

What should I wear to my Acupuncture session?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement. We are skilled in draping and will cover you with towels to ensure your comfort and warmth, enabling us to access any areas that may require needling.

Do you just insert the needles and leave the room?

No. The entire session takes place with your physician. We incorporate many techniques into your session, which may include moxibustion (warming the channels with moxa), aromatherapy (applying essential oils with massage), bodywork (massage) techniques, and the needling itself. There is often much work to do.

What happens during an appointment?

During your first consultation, we will discuss what brought you to seek acupuncture. I will listen to your pulse at the wrist and take a photo of your tongue. Once we have determined where to work, we will move to the treatment table and address your concerns through the acupuncture process.

What is a remote treatment?

Acupuncture involves activating specific channels in the body. This activation can also be done remotely by your physician.

What does a remote treatment look like?

Similar to an in-person appointment, we will discuss your concerns. I will remotely examine your tongue and pulse. You’ll need a comfortable place to lie down, and I’ll activate the appropriate channels remotely. The treatment can last up to 40 minutes while you lie comfortably.