• person holding their shoulder

    Treatment for the Shoulder

    Understanding Shoulder Mobility and the Body’s Response to Injury The shoulder joint, being the most mobile joint in the human body, presents a fascinating contrast to the hip joint. While the hip is a stable ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder resembles a ball resting on a saucer, enabling a remarkable 360-degree rotation of the arm. However,…

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  • Marionette with a bend wrist

    Resolving Wrist Pain

    In the realm of wrist health, there’s an astonishing treatment that many people are unaware of – acupuncture. This ancient practice holds remarkable efficacy in alleviating wrist pain, including conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as aiding in post-fracture care. [1] The intricate network connecting our wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, and head resembles the…

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