• COLD – The Antithesis of Chinese Medicine

    Why is COLD so bad, and why do we ask – “Did you ice your shoulder when you injured it?” COLD – yes, we emphasize it in capital letters, because it signifies all bodily responses involving contraction and slowing or stopping the flow, encompassing all that the phenomenon of COLD entails. In Chinese Medicine when…

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  • ancient acupuncture meridian chart

    ACC and Acupuncture

    Navigating ACC Insurance for Acupuncture: Your Comprehensive Guide In the realm of public healthcare in New Zealand, it’s good to know the avenues available for complementary therapies like acupuncture. If you’re seeking to use Acupuncture to assist in your recovery from an injury that has been covered by ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation), here’s your essential…

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  • person holding their shoulder

    Treatment for the Shoulder

    Understanding Shoulder Mobility and the Body’s Response to Injury The shoulder joint, being the most mobile joint in the human body, presents a fascinating contrast to the hip joint. While the hip is a stable ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder resembles a ball resting on a saucer, enabling a remarkable 360-degree rotation of the arm. However,…

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  • Marionette with a bend wrist

    Resolving Wrist Pain

    In the realm of wrist health, there’s an astonishing treatment that many people are unaware of – acupuncture. This ancient practice holds remarkable efficacy in alleviating wrist pain, including conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as aiding in post-fracture care. [1] The intricate network connecting our wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, and head resembles the…

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